Gingerbread House Magnet Kit


deCARate a Gingerbread House Magnet Kit: All the fun of decorating a gingerbread house without the baking! Explore your creative side by placing the houses, doors, windows and candies to make the design your own. This fun magnet kit is reusable, just place all the pieces back in the bag and save for next year.

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60 piece Gingerbread House Magnet Kit for any metallic surface: vehicle, refrigerator, metal door, locker, office cubical, filing cabinet or whiteboard. If placing on a vehicle, please refer to the instructions for use for application directions. The designs can be placed on one side of the vehicle or both sides but don’t forget the rear which is a great area to place the 2-piece signage.

This Fun Magnet Kit includes:

Gingerbread House magnets-2

Door magnets-2

Window magnets-6

Happy Holidays sign-2pc

Candy cane magnets-4

Gum drop magnets-26

Christmas tree magnets-4

Peppermint magnets-8

Gingerbread people magnets-6