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Calling all teachers: are you looking for whiteboard decor? by Gayle Bashe

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Decarate - Fun With Magnets

Teachers are always looking for fun ways to decorate their whiteboards easily and inexpensively. Whether you want to decorate for a specific holiday or students birthday, reusable magnet kits are a great way to achieve the visual professional aesthetic.

1. When it’s a student’s birthday, use the deCARate Birthday set to have them create a small decorative scene on your whiteboard.

2. Use the Alphabet, numbers & symbols set for spelling, beginning math equations, sentence structure or spelling student names.

3. The snowmen set has a tremendous amount of decorative possibilities. Use as incentive for the classroom students to decorate and redecorate on a daily or weekly basis.

4. The gingerbread kit includes two houses, doors, windows, gingerbread family and candies. This can be used to decorate a classroom whiteboard, refrigerator or filing cabinets in the room. This design can also be redesigned as often as you wish.

5. Try the new deCARate Graduation kit to celebrate a grade school celebration.


Have fun!


10 fun things to do with magnets by Gayle Bashe

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Magnets can be so much fun and can enhance your surroundings whether that be your vehicle, refrigerator, locker, office cubical, metal door or a school whiteboard. Here are 10 fun things to do with magnets:

1. Use the magnet kits as a reward. Allow family members to redesign the magnets daily, weekly as an incentive or reward for good grades, good behavior, doing homework etc. The designs have endless possibilities.
2. deCARate a metal milk box
3. One creative customer used the Christmas Tree Kit as inspiration for a holiday car parade. They amped it up by affixing 3M Command Brand Damage-free hanging clear decorating clips onto the magnets pieces. Then strung battery operated string lights through the clips to illuminate them.
4. deCARate the teacher’s whiteboard at school.
5. deCARate a friend or coworkers locker on their birthday
6. Use the blank frames & alphabet & #’s kit to create your own custom signage: Prom? Go team, congratulations, retirement, just married, car for sale etc.
7. deCARate an office cubical or filing cabinet
8. deCARate a metal garage door
9. deCARate a refrigerator. The alphabet set is fun for parties, grocery list or writing a special note to your honey.
10. Magnets are a great way to keep children engaged during long car rides. Purchase a portable white board (I got mine at target for $8.99) or use a cookie sheet with edge (think jelly roll pan). Kids can play for hours with the magnetic designs. You will thank me for this one!!

Can Magnets harm your vehicle paint? by Gayle Bashe

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The top twelve things to know when applying decorative magnets to your vehicle:
1. The most important thing to ensure the safety of your vehicle paint is to make sure your vehicle is clean prior to magnet application. Wash vehicle by hand or at a traditional car wash. If you surface wash an area, mild dish liquid and a soft cloth is recommended.
2. Allow car to dry completely prior to magnet application
3. Do NOT use ammonia based window cleaner on magnets as it can damage the color on the magnet. Use mild dish liquid and dry completely before re-adhering or storing them.
4. It is always best to apply magnets at room temperature in a clean dry area.
5. If your car is freshly painted, wait 2-3 days before magnet application to ensure the finish is hard and cured.
6. It is best to apply magnets to smooth & flat surfaces. Avoid protrusions, molding, bumper guards, decals, pinstripes, simulated wood, repainted surfaces, body fillers, dents and even scratches. If the magnet is not completely flat, air pockets can form underneath and they can fly off when vehicle reaches normal speeds.
7. Beware of applying magnets that have curled edges as they may not adhere properly. If edges are curled, place pieces in between two heavy books for a day or two to flatten out.
8. Always remove magnets prior to washing your vehicle.
9. Magnets can withstand mild weather: sun, rain and mild wind. Remove magnets during extreme weather conditions such as snowstorms, excessive wind, hurricanes, tornados & severe rainstorm.
10. Extreme cold can make magnets more brittle. Use caution when handling.
11. Most magnets are waterproof and outdoor durable. However, chemicals in road spray such as road salt, motor oil and gasoline may acceleration deterioration.
12. Magnets are meant to be temporary décor. It is recommended to remove them periodically and clean the vehicle and magnet (with mild dish liquid) then reapply. When removing magnets, do NOT drag across the paint surface as existing dirt/grime can potentially scratch paint. Gently lift magnet at sides or corner then lift to remove. If you place the magnet in the wrong position, completely remove the magnet from the surface and reaffix.